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The new night of the twisters

Date=Began September 30th, 2005 at around 5:00 PM and Ended on October 1st at 9:55 AM. Location=Nebraska. Damage=$69.5 billion Fatalities=3,200

Tornado count

29 4 5 (1 Anti-Cyclonic) 5 (1 Anti-Cyclonic) 6 3 (1 Anti-Cyclonic) 7 0



List of confirmed tornadoes - September 30th to October 1st, 2005
Time (UTC)
Path length
F2 SW of Omaha 1707 17.5 miles 0 deaths - The first tornado of the 'Night of the Twisters', an anti-cyclonic tornado, Formed 10 miles southwest of Omaha, this tornado demolished a

farm and killed some cattle.

F0 E of Grand Island 1731 7 miles 0 deaths - This tornado formed 3 miles East of Grand Island, This tornado only tore through a corn-field and skirted north of grand island.
F2 N of Lincoln 1809 17 miles 6 deaths - A large half-mile wide tornado formed a mile north of Lincoln, this tornado caused devastation to a neighborhood and some restaurants, 6 people died from this tornado, 4 of which were when it tore through a neighborhood the other 2 were because of a roof collapse at a McDonald's.
F1 SSE of Scottsbluff 1822 10 miles 0 deaths - A small tornado formed 6 miles SSE of Scottsbluff, This tornado trashed a trailer park and tossed motorcycles and bikes around.
F4 WNW of Grand Island 1828 47.5 miles 26 deaths - A large half-mile wide tornado, anti-cyclonic, formed 9 miles WNW of Grand Island, Nebraska.

This tornado destroyed a Storage facility, Almost flattened a Taco bell, Demolished a sonic, Trashed an AMC theater and YMCA, and destroyed part of a neighborhood.

F2 WSW of Bellevue 1836 19 miles 6 deaths - A rope tornado trashed and damaged a college and its football field.
F5 Lincoln 1859 75 miles 206 deaths - A mile and a half wide tornado formed just on the border of Kansas/Nebraska, this tornado cut a path straight through Lincoln, the entire town of Lincoln was decimated by this tornado.
F3 SSW of Nebraska City 1909 25 miles 4 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore apart a farm and trashed a town festival.
F3 Aurora 1927 28.5 miles 9 deaths - A stovepipe tornado tore through Aurora, even when this tornado was an F-3, a house was completely destroyed, only the foundation was left.
F0 N of Aurora 1939 1.5 miles 0 deaths - While the F-3 was tearing through Aurora, another tornado only briefly touched down To the north of Aurora.

Little or no damage was reported.

F1 NW of Arlington 1955 9.5 miles 2 deaths - A small anti-cyclonic tornado tore through a trailer-park.
F0 W of St. Paul 2019 4.5 miles 0 deaths - A very skinny rope tornado form 2 Morningside the town, the damage reported was downed trees and power-lines.
F5 Wilber 2032 77 miles 100 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore through Wilber and completely decimated the town.
F2 SSW of Wahoo 2058 16.7 miles 3 deaths - A small cone tornado tore through a strip mall and destroyed a radio station.
F1 SW of Wilber 2100 9.7 miles 0 deaths - For a tornado this weak it was oddly large, having grown to a quarter mile wide.

This tornado trashed a baseball field.

F4 Wahoo 2119 37.5 miles 40 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore straight through the town Wahoo.
F1 W of Wahoo 2119 10.7 miles 3 deaths - A small cone tornado tore through a camp site and destroyed an outhouse.
F3 NNE of Grand Island 2128 26.7 miles 4 deaths - A quarter-mile wide tornado tore through a carnival causing major damage.
F0 S of Nebraska City 2139 1.5 miles 0 deaths - A thin rope tornado briefly touched down without any structural damage.
F5 Aurora 2201 69.7 miles 44 deaths - A tornado- much stronger then the F-3 that had hit earlier.- tore a path through aurora, causing more devastation than the F-3.
F3 S of St. Paul 2218 25 miles 3 deaths - A quarter-mile wide tornado tore through a strip mall and destroyed a radio station.
F2 SSE of Arlington 2230 18 miles 4 deaths - A half mile wide tornado tore through Arlington.
F5 Grand Island 2240 68 miles 54 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore through Grand island, before moving into Illinois.
F1 NW of Bellevue 2259 10 miles 0 deaths - An elephant trunk Tornado developed near Bellevue, a trailer-park was trashed, a part of a Joe's crab-shack's roof had been peeled off and bike, motorcycles and garbage cans were thrown everywhere and trees were uprooted.
F3 E of Bellevue 2329 29 miles 9 deaths - A cone tornado tore through a suburban area and apartment complex.
F5 Wayne 2335 70 miles 115 deaths - A massive 2-mile wide tornado tore through the town of Wayne.

The entire city was decimated.

F3 Grand Island 2359 22 miles 5 deaths - A large multiple-vortex tornado Tore through Grand island.
F4 S of Springfield 0008 40 miles 20 deaths - A half-mile wide tornado tore a path in the southern praying Springfield, this tornado demolished a Lowe's, destroyed part of a neighborhood and a pizza-hut and destroyed a farm.
F5 Omaha 0021 65 miles 260 deaths - While people were taking cover at a storm shelter-center in Omaha, A mile wide F-5 tornado tore through Omaha and Destroyed the shelter and part of the town, the remaining people from the shelter were moved the the hospital which had taken a hit from one of the weaker tornadoes but not as badly damaged as everything else.