(Made by M.O. 3636) The Tornado Outbreak of May 4-5, 2022 was a two day severe weather outbreak affecting the Northeast. This was the worst tornado outbreak in the Northeast region ever. This was the second time there was a high risk in the northeast since 1998. There was the most tornadoes in the Northeast in a single outbreak. There were a moderate amount of tornadoes but about 2 violent tornadoes. The total damage of this outbreak was $2.7B. There were about 80 deaths with 768 injuries.

Meteorological Synopsis

May 4

There was a high risk of severe weather and this was the first time there was a high risk in the Northeast since May 31, 1998. It affected areas of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. There was this one EF5 tornado that affected Albany, NY. This did severe damage to this city and did at least $2B. It is one of the costliest tornadoes on record. There was another EF4 tornado that did $550M to Western New Jersey. There total day damage was $2.699B. There was a total of 40 tornadoes.

May 5

There was a enhanced risk of severe weather affecting Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. There was a few tornadoes in these states and the strongest tornado was a high end EF1 tornado. It did very minimal damage to a town. The total day damage was $1M. There was a total of 8 tornadoes.


Confirmed Tornadoes

48 16 17 8 5 1 1

May 4 Event

EF# Location Time (UTC) Summary
EF0 Springville, PA 1813 Minor damage
EF1 Harford, PA 1904 Nothing
EF1 Narrowsburg, NY 1930-1932 Nothing
EF2 Franklin, NJ 2007-2023 Slight damage
EF3 Millestone, NJ 2103-2132 Moderate damage
EF0 Hope, NJ 2209-2210 Nothing
EF4 Exton, PA 2245-0014 High damage
EF5 Pine Hill, NY 2336-0124 Very High damage
EF3 Waverly, NY 0019-0103 Severe damage
EF1 New York City, NY 0040-0042 Minor damage
EF0 Stony Point, NY 0203 Nothing
EF1 Bethel, CO 0345-0346 Minor damage

May 5 Event

EF# Locatiom Time (UTC) Summary
EF1 Clinton, MA 1223 Nothing
EF0 Groton, MA 1240-1241 Minor damage
EF1 Greenville, RI 1344-1350 Minor damage
EF1 Providence, RI 1422-1425 Minor damage
EF0 Grant Mills, RI 1729 Nothing
EF0 Dover, MA 1844-1845 Nothing
EF1 Reading, MA 1910-1911 Minor damage
EF0 Epping, NH 2105 Nothing

Notable Tornadoes

Tornado Outbreak of May 4-5, 2022
EF4 tornado
Vilonia, Arkansas EF4 tornado

Tornado near peak intensity destroying houses near Flemington, NJ
Date May 4, 2022
Times 6:45 PM- 8:14 PM
Touchdown location Exton, PA to Wantage, NJ
Highest winds

185 mph

Injuries 69
Fatalities 7
Damage $550M
Areas affected Exton, Wayne, PA and Levittown, Trenton, Flemington, Hackettstown, Wantage, NJ
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2022
Tornado Outbreak of May 4-5, 2022
EF5 tornado
Flint, MI EF5 5-19-20

Tornado at peak intensity breaking a powerline near Albany, NY
Date May 4, 2022
Times 7:36 PM- 9:24 PM
Touchdown location Pine Hill to Ticonderoga, NY
Highest winds

210 mph

Injuries 598
Fatalities 61
Damage $2B
Areas affected Pine Hill, Windham, Greenville, Albany, Troy, Greenwich, Comstock, West Haven, Ticonderoga, NY
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2022
Tornado Outbreak of May 4-5, 2022
EF3 tornado
Grand Island 1980 Tornadoes Pic

Tornado near peak intensity breaking powerlines near Binghamton, NY
Date May 4, 2022
Times 8:19 PM- 9:03 PM
Touchdown location Waverly to Sidney, NY
Highest winds

155 mph

Injuries 19
Fatalities 2
Damage $65M
Areas affected Waverly, Owego, Endicott, Binghamton, Harpursville, Nineveh, Afton, Bainbridge, Sidney, NY
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2022
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