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Tornado outbreak of June 12, 2021
A tornado hitting the small town of Prairieton, IN before eventually hitting Terre Haute.
Type: Tornado outbreak
Active: June 12, 2021
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 13 hours, 21 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Highest winds 210 mph - Terre Haute, IN (tornadic)

83 mph - Benton Harbor, MI (non-tornadic)

Tornadoes confirmed: 38
Damage: $750 million
Injuries: 21
Fatalities: 13
Areas affected: Midwest, Great Lakes

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita scale


The tornado outbreak of June 12th, 2021, also known as the Great Lakes outbreak, was a tornado outbreak that widely affected the Great Lakes region as well as portions of the Midwest. Over the 16 hour duration of the outbreak, it dropped 38 tornadoes across 6 states, killing 13 people and injuring another 21.

Meteorological synopsis

On the days before June 12th, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean slowly built up over the Great Lakes region. This combined with CAPE levels of 3k+, high shear, and a relatively low amount of cap, set up the perfect environment for discrete supercells for the 12th. On June 10th, the SPC issued a Day 3 Enhanced Risk, which by June 12th, would become a Day 1 Moderate Risk, with a 15% chance of significant tornadoes within 25 miles of any point in a large swath of land from central Michigan, going down south to Indianapolis, and going back up to the Chicago metro. As early as 0922Z, a PDS Tornado Watch was issued for extreme eastern Missouri, most of central Illinois, and west central Indiana. At 0941Z, discrete supercells began to initiate throughout eastern Missouri, and at 1001Z, the first tornado dropped in Hannibal, MO. The supercells continued dropping tornadoes as they moved northeast across the states of Illinois and Indiana. As the supercells entered Wisconsin, a Tornado Watch was issued for all of Wisconsin south of Milwaukee. After the supercells exited Wisconsin and Illinois, the northern part of the supercell line entered Michigan, prompting another Tornado Watch for all of West and Southeastern Michigan. The supercells continued through Michigan as the southern part of the supercell line entered Ohio, and another Tornado Watch was issued for all of Northwestern Ohio. Finally, at 2322Z that night, the last tornado lifted in South Amherst, OH.

Confirmed tornadoes

38 12 9 7 7 2 1

List of notable tornadoes - June 12, 2021
Time of Origin (UTC)
Path length
EF3 SSW of Hannibal to Hannibal Marion (MO), Ralls 1001 3.41 mi 1 death - See section on this tornado A rope tornado touched down south-southwest of Hannibal near Warren Barrett Dr, before entering city limits and destroying 35 structures before lifting.
EF4 SSW of Jacksonville to S of Literberry Morgan 1227 11.29 mi 5 injuries - See section on this tornado An elephant trunk tornado touched down about 6.5 miles SSW of Downtown Jacksonville before becoming a wedge as it moved NNE, heavily impacting Jacksonville.
EF3 Havana Mason 1241 3.38 mi 3 deaths, 5 injuries - See section on this tornado A stovepipe tornado touched down just outside of Havana city limits, immediately doing EF3 damage as it moved in and tore through riverfront portions of the city without warning before lifting on the Illinois River.
EF5 NE of Vigo to Twelve Points Vigo 1903 3.38 mi 5 deaths, 2 injuries - See section on this tornado A tornado touched down about 2.6 miles NE of Vigo, quickly becoming a wedge as it damaged the town of Prairieton before destroying Terre Haute and Twelve Points about 7 miles to the northeast.
EF3 Indianapolis Marion (IN) 2104 6.35 mi 3 deaths, 5 injuries - See section on this tornado A tornado touched down in Indianapolis' University Heights neighborhood, moving throughout eastern portions of the city and destroying many buildings before lifting northwest of Indianapolis' Warren Park neighborhood.
EF4 Portage to N of Richland Kalamazoo 2037 15.88 mi 1 death, 3 injuries - See section on this tornado A stovepipe tornado touched down in the city of Portage, going almost due north and directly impacting Downtown Kalamazoo before taking a northeasterly turn and impacting the village of Richland before lifting.
EF3 S of Monroeville to Cedar Point Erie, Huron 2241 19.37 mi 2 injuries - See section on this tornado A rope EF3 tornado touched down south of Monroeville, directly impacting the village as the tornado tracked NNE before moving through eastern portions of the city of Sandusky. The tornado then moved on to Lake Erie and became a waterspout before lifting.

Notable tornadoes

Hannibal, MO

EF3 tornado
Duration 5:01 AM CDT – 5:07 AM CDT
Intensity 230 km/h (145 mph) (1-min)

At 5:01 AM CDT, just 39 minutes after the first tornado watch was issued and 20 minutes after supercell initiation began, the first tornado touched down in Hannibal, Missouri about a mile south of the city's Huckleberry Park near Warren Barrett Dr after a tornado warning was prompted for the city due to strengthening rotation in the parent supercell. As the tornado tracked north-northeast and entered Hannibal city limits, it directly hit the Hannibal Rental Center on Warren Barrett Dr at EF1 intensity. The tornado also slightly damaged the Hannibal Transportation Center before briefly weakening to EF0 intensity as it crossed Warren Barrett Dr. Shortly after, the tornado moved into a trailer park where it tore the roof off of several mobile homes on Irwin St. before proceeding to hit Black Thunder Powerboats on Patchen St. After hitting Black Thunder Powerboats, rapid intensification occurred. The tornado continued to move north-northeast and swept away a vacant house on Baker St. However, NWS surveyors determined that the house was not anchored, granting the tornado a high-end EF3 rating at this spot. At this point, a tornado emergency was issued for Hannibal. The tornado then hit a hardware store on Market St, where one person was killed after the roof partially collapsed onto them as they were sheltering in the store. The tornado then followed Market St for a third of a mile, damaging several structures before directly hitting the Levering Regional Health Care Center, where part of the third floor collapsed into a hallway on the second floor. Miraculously, nobody was hurt. The tornado then crossed Hannibal's US Business Route 36 into a residential area, where it hit several houses at EF2 strength before restrengthening to EF3 intensity in an open field where very minor ground scouring occured. The tornado then crossed Grand Avenue into another neighborhood where the tornado damaged or destroyed 15 houses. The tornado maintained its strength until it crossed Mark Twain Ave in northern Hannibal, where it abruptly weakened to EF1 strength as it hit a convenience store. The tornado then hit several more houses at EF0 strength before crossing the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge into the Mississippi River. The tornado crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois, where it then lifted.

Jacksonville, IL

Havana, IL

Prairieton-Terre Haute-Twelve Points, IN

East Indianapolis, IN

Portage-Kalamazoo-Richland, MI

Monroeville-Sandusky, OH