Tornado outbreak of June 8-11, 2020
EF4 tornado near Albert Lea, Minnesota on June 9
Type: Tornado Outbreak
Active: June 8-11, 2020
Duration of tornado outbreak1: 4 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF4 tornado
Highest winds Unknown
Tornadoes confirmed: 142
Damage: $2.66 billion (2020 USD)
Injuries: 479
Fatalities: 41
Areas affected: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

As a powerful shortwave trough dropped into the northern United States and move east-southeast, the stage was being set for a multi-day tornado outbreak in the upper Midwest. The Storm Prediction Center had every day on its 4-8 outlook marked for severe weather on June 5. June 8 featured high instability and good shear, but a cap that didn't erode until mid afternoon. The SPC had an enhanced risk with a 10% hatched tornado risk in place for much of central and east North Dakota and South Dakota, with a 5% risk extending into northern Nebraska. 24 tornadoes touched down that day, including one EF4. The most prolific day of the outbreak took place on June 9. A strong surface low was located near the North Dakota/Minnesota border, with a cold front draping down through west MN into northern IA. A warm front in central/north MN was also expected to be a focus for tornadic activity later that day. 0-1 km helicity was in the 300-500 m2/s2 range and MLCAPE exceeded 4,000 j/kg in some spots. The SPC issued a moderate risk with a 15% hatched tornado risk for much of central and southern MN, which was eventually upgraded to a high risk at the 1630z outlook, the third high risk of 2020. A PDS tornado watch was issued and several long-tracked, intense supercells developed spawning 55 tornadoes, including 8 EF4's. After dark, storms congealed into an MCS, and several QLCS tornadoes occurred across Wisconsin. By morning, the MCS had weakened, and rapid destabilization occurred in north Illinois and southern Wisconsin. The surface low had moved southeast quite a bit, now positioned in northeast Iowa. Again, a moderate risk was issued with a 15% hatched tornado risk. 31 tornadoes touched down, including two EF4's, one of which had a path length of about 91 miles. A high-end EF2 tornado tracked through western Chicago. Activity became sloppy and another MCS formed late that evening, but it weakened before dawn on June 11. Another moderate risk was issued that day. The surface low was located in extreme southwest Michigan, and the whole warm sector was primed for supercells and tornadoes. 32 tornadoes touched down, including two EF4's. Some areas hit in the Tornado outbreak of April 23, 2020 less than two months earlier were hit again in this outbreak. 41 people died in the outbreak, and it left $2.66 billion in damages. It joins similar outbreaks, such as the June 2, 1990 outbreak, June 16, 1992 outbreak, and June 17, 2010 outbreaks as one of the most intense June outbreaks ever recorded. 142 tornadoes were confirmed over the four day span, 13 of which were violent, making it one of the most active periods of tornadic activity on record. It is the only recorded instance of four straight days with violent tornadoes. Only five days in recorded history since 1950 had more violent tornadoes than June 9th.

Tornado Statistics

Tornadoes by Day
State Total EF0 EF1 EF2 EF3 EF4 EF5
June 8 24 7 8 6 2 1 0
June 9 55 11 9 17 10 8 0
June 10 31 6 15 4 4 2 0
June 11 32 12 8 5 5 2 0
Total 142 36 40 32 21 13 0

List of Confirmed Tornadoes

Outbreak Death Toll
State Total
Minnesota 23
Illinois 8
Indiana 5
Iowa 2
Ohio 2
Michigan 1
Totals 41

June 8 Event

List of confirmed tornadoes - June 8, 2020
Time of Origin (UTC)
Path length
North Dakota
EF2 S of Napoleon Logan 2147 7.2 mi Stovepipe tornado with a maximum width of 400 yards remained in mainly open areas. A farm home was severely damaged, however, and one person was injured. Formed near the triple point in central North Dakota.
EF1 SW of Streeter to Medina Stutsman 2208 18.97 mi Wedge tornado remained in mainly rural areas as it moved north-northeast, doing minimal damage to crops and downing power lines. Spawned by a supercell along the warm front. Likely would have been rated higher if it impacted major structures.
EF0 E of Fort Yates Emmons 2213 4 mi Weak tornado remained in open fields.
EF3 Jamestown Stutsman 2249 2.89 mi Intense yet relatively short-lived tornado that formed along the warm front in east central North Dakota. Several homes and businesses were destroyed on the south side of town at mid-range EF3 strength, many with only interior walls left standing. 39 people were injured, 2 critically. It was the first EF3 or stronger tornado in the state of North Dakota since 2016. It cost an estimated $10 million.
EF1 Linton area Emmons 2316 3.55 mi A few mobile homes were damaged south of Linton and trees were downed. Spawned by the same supercell that produced the tornado east of Fort Yates.
EF1 N of Guyson Logan 2333 8.11 mi Weak tornado remained in open fields. Two outbuildings were destroyed and a farm was damaged.
EF0 N of Guyson Logan 2338 1 mi Satellite tornado observed by chasers to the previous event. Produced no damaged.
EF0 SW of Jud (1st tornado) LaMoure 0028 5 mi Produced no known damage. Spawned by the Guyson supercell.
EF1 SW of Jud (2nd tornado) LaMoure 0032 0.8 mi Occured simultaneously with the previous tornado. Three outbuildings sustained minor damage and telephone poles were downed before the tornado abruptly dissipated.
EF2 W of Daily Barnes 0112 9.5 mi Dozens of trees were denuded and snapped in the area. A pick-up truck was rolled six times and a poorly constructed home was completely destroyed.
South Dakota
EF4 ENE of Java to SE of Hillsview Walworth, Edmunds, McPherson 2221 14.6 mi Large and violent tornado. Caused severe ground scouring as it passed north of Bowdle. Two farmsteads were completely swept away and a well-constructed home was flattened. Large farm equiptment was thrown over 200 yards and crushed beyond recognition. An isolated grove of trees was severely debarked, as well. This was the first EF4 tornado in South Dakota since 2014.
EF3 ENE of Hillsview to E of Long Lake McPherson 2258 25.12 mi Touched down soon after the Java to Hillsview EF4 lifted. Remained in open farmland for much of its lifetime, however a tractor was thrown over 250 yards and crushed. Several outbuildings were completely destroyed and grain bins were toppled and crushed. An irrigation pivot was also severely mangled.
EF2 WSW of Agar to SSE of Seneca Sully, Potter, Faulk 2312 37.35 mi Long-tracked tornado that was on the ground for nearly an hour and a half. It began in rural areas outside of Agar, and proceeded into the small town. Almost every building in Agar sustained some level of damage, the worst of which was rated EF2. The tornado didn't damage any other structures after hitting Agar, and continued in open fields until dissipating south of Seneca.
EF0 W of Fort Thompson Lyman 2320 1 mi Brief tornado confirmed by chasers.
EF0 E of Winner Tripp 2345 2.51 mi A patch of shrubs and an outbuilding sustained minor damage.


ENE of Winner Tripp 2349 3 mi Began as the previous tornado was dissipating. Did no known damage.
EF2 Aberdeen Brown 2359 10.39 mi Tornado began in fields southwest of Aberdeen and proceeded north-northeast. As it neared the west side of the city, a PDS tornado warning was issued. Several homes in the Derian Subdivision were severely damaged at high-end EF2 strength. To the northeast, numerous other homes sustained EF2 damage on the southwest side of Aberdeen. It crossed Route 12 and threw a parked car one block, as well as heavily damaging Lincoln Elementary School. Many more businesses and homes took damage on the northwest side of town before the tornado returned to rural areas north of the city, where the roof of the Odde Ice Arena caved in. It dissipated west of the Devian Villa Development, injuring 103 people and leaving $100 million in damages.
EF2 W of Stickney Aurora 0018 6.12 mi Long-lived, large, nearly stationary wedge tornado. Began and immediately inflicted EF2 damaged to a farm home and several outbuildings. Turned north and passed very close to another farm house and did EF1 damage to it. At that point it stopped moving and grew to almost 1.5 miles wide, before looping around and denuding trees and destroying outbuildings just west of Stickney. 1 person was injured.
EF1 ESE of Seneca Faulk 0050 7.23 mi Began shortly after the Agar EF2 lifted. A small farm was damaged and a car was pushed off of Route 212.
EF1 W of St. Lawrence Hand 0144 4.4 mi A church and three homes were damaged as the tornado passed over Route 14 between Miller and St. Lawrence. The roof of the church was thrown about 200 yards to the northeast in a field.
EF1 Kampeska Codington 0251 12.4 mi A few double wide homes sustained roof and garage damage in Kampeska. Several more homes were damaged on the west side of Lake Kampeksa, and three people were injured. Telephone poles were downed, as well.
EF1 N of Lake Kampeska Tripp 0335 1.68 mi Outbuildings were damaged and several trees were downed. Formed as the Kampeska tornado dissipated.
EF2 Bassett area Rock 0134 5.88 mi Slow-moving, large, high-end EF2 tornado that did significant damage to the southern half of Bassett. Several homes lost their rooves and some had only a few walls remaining. 14 people were injured.
EF0 N of Atkinson Holt 0217 0.2 mi Local sheriff reported a tornado. Produced no known damage other than to crops.

June 9 Event

List of confirmed tornadoes - June 9, 2020
Time of Origin (UTC)
Path length
EF0 E of Forada Douglas 1837 1.34 mi Short-lived tornado confirmed by law enforcement. A few trees were downed, but damage was otherwise minimal.
EF3 S of Danvers to Benson to Swift Falls Swift 1909 18 mi 1 death - this EF3 tornado began south of Danvers in rural areas. It quickly grew into a large multi-vortex wedge tornado and completely destroyed a farm house and outbuildings near it. Trees were slightly debarked as it crossed the Chippewa River and neared Benson. It entered the southern part of Benson where several homes were left with only interior walls standing, and grain bins were toppled. Two homes on 10th street were nearly flattened, and one person was killed there. A few businesses on Route 12 sustained significant damage, and a farming plant east-northeast of town was heavily damaged. It continued northeast through rural areas until dissipating near Swift Falls.
EF1 E of Cormorant Otter Tail, Becker 1918 9.3 mi This high-end EF1 tornado formed near the triple point. It inflicted severe roof damage to homes as it moved north-northeast and crossed Pelican Lake. Numerous trees were uprooted as well.
EF2 W of Fulda to S of Westbrook Murray, Cottonwood 1933 13.77 mi EF2 tornado that damaged or destroyed several farms and outbuildings early in the track. A large, well-built home on Route 59 had an exterior wall demolished. The tornado became a multi-vortex wedge and did minor damage to a few other outbuildings, as well as downing and snapping power lines and trees, before lifting south of Westbrook.
EF0 SSE of Milroy Redwood 1954 1.92 mi Short-lived tornado did limited damage in open areas.
EF4 Cottonwood to Wood Lake to N of Olivia Lyon, Yellow Medicine, Renville, Kandiyohi 2003 40.72 mi 4 deaths - violent, high-end EF4, large stovepipe tornado. The tornado touched down in eastern Cottonwood and rapidly intensified to high-end EF2 strength, severely damaging several homes and denuding and uprooting trees. Two farm in complexes northeast of town were also heavily damaged. It continued northeast and entered Wood Lake. Two well-constructed homes were completely leveled with debris pushed off their foundations, and several other homes sustained EF3 damage. Parts of the roof from St. John's Lutheran Church were found 15 miles northeast in a field. Slight wind-rowing of debris was noted northeast of town, where trees were also debeaked. No significant structures were damaged for quite some time as the tornado continued northeast towards Renville. There, the worst damage occurred. A dozen homes were swept away on the southwest side of town, although they were found to have nailed rather than bolted to their foundations. Cars were thrown up to 350 yards and wrapped around debarked trees. A large home was partially swept away on 3rd Street SE. A large industrial complex northeast of town was narrowly missed. Eventually the tornado crossed Route 71 and dissipated north of Olivia. It was on the ground for just over 1 hour and 20 minutes.


SSW of Brooten Pope 2007 0.66 mi Brief tornado spawned by the Danvers supercell.
EF1 Gracelock area Chippewa 2019 4.08 mi Trees were downed and a home sustained minor roof damage.
EF3 SSE of Seaforth to NNE of Franklin Redwood, Renville 2020 24.14 mi A supercell that was developing south of the Milroy supercell eventually cut it off and went on to produce this EF3 tornado. A few homes were damaged or destroyed in eastern Redwood County and outbuildings were swept away. It missed Redwood Falls just to the south and east continuing to do EF2 to occasional EF3 damage. Hardwood trees were debarked as it approached Morton from the southwest. 80% of the town sustained some sort of damage. The worst was rated EF3, as poorly constructed homes were totally leveled and others had only interior walls remaining. Large grain bins were toppled and crushed, with one being pushed over 100 yards. It eventually weakened north of Franklin in open fields.
EF2 Grey Eagle Todd 2028 3.54 mi Several homes and businesses were severely damaged in the area. Power lines were downed or snapped. Part of a roof was found in Trace Lake.
EF3 Pine River/Chickamaw Beach Cass 2035 6.98 mi Low-end EF3 tornado did severe damage in the Pine River/Chickamaw Beach area. Hundreds of trees were snapped and the Pine River High School lost much of its roof. Several homes on the bank of Norway Lake were destroyed and several other trees were downed or snapped. 13 people were injured.
EF1 Greenwald area Stearns 2037 5.39 mi 1 death - weak tornado spawned by the Danvers supercell. One person was killed when a tree fell on their mobile home.
EF2 S of Cobden to SSW of Lafayette Brown, Nicollet 2048 22.94 mi Strong wedge tornado damaged or destroyed several buildings in rural areas of Brown and Nicollet County. Several trees were uprooted or snapped as it crossed the Minnesota River. It injured one person and was spawned by the Fulda supercell.
EF3 W of Osakis to Browerville to NE of Motley Douglas, Todd, Morrison, Cass 2055 50.2 mi Long-tracked intense tornado. Originated west of Osakis and proceeded sharply to the northeast crossing Lake Osakis. EF1 to low-end EF2 damage was noted to homes along the lake. To the northeast, farms and outbuildings were destroyed, and a few poorly anchored structures were mostly swept away. It turned a bit more to the north and reached peak intensity on the east side of Browerville. Over a dozen houses were flattened at high-end EF3 strength. Along Horseshoe Lake, trees were slightly debarked and snapped and a small boat was tossed nearly 100 yards. At this point it became heavily wrapped in rain and weakened quite a bit, doing mainly EF1 damage to trees and outbuildings. It eventually reached Motley, where high-end EF2 to EF3 damage occurred again to buildings on the western half of town. It entered Cass County and dissipated shortly afterwards.
EF3 N of Olivia to SE of Buffalo Renville, Meeker, McLeod, Wright 2117 65.12 mi As the Renville EF4 was ending, the same supercell produced another long-tracked intense tornado. No significant structures were damaged in Renville County, but a farm was completely leveled as it passed south of Cosmos. It clipped the northwestern tip of McLeod County where severe tree damage occurred, before reentering Meeker County. Homes along the southern shore of Lake Jennie were heavily damaged or completely destroyed. To the northeast, the north side of Howard Lake took significant damage at EF2 strength. It continued to do tree damage as it passed south of Buffalo and eventually dissipated 2 hours and 10 minutes after touching down.
EF0 NE of Rice Benton, Morrison 2135 10.32 mi Weak tornado lightly damaged a few homes and knocked branches off trees.
EF1 SE of Lafayette Nicollet 2136 5.67 mi Trees were downed and a farm was damaged.
EF4 New Auburn Sibley, McLeod 2150 17.43 mi 1 death - violent tornado began south of Fernando. Farms, outbuildings, and a few homes were damaged or destroyed as it moved northeast towards New Auburn. A tornado emergency was issued as it approached. Southwest of town, a poorly anchored home was completely swept from its foundation. The southern half off the small town took a direct hit at high-end EF3 to low-end EF4 strength. Trees were debarked and snapped and homes were flattened. Debris from a home on the west shore of High Island Lake was pushed 50 yards off its foundation and into the lake. Past the lake, the tornado gradually weakened and dissipated.
EF2 N of Gilman to WNW of Mora Benton, Mille Lacs, Kanabec 2151 28.83 mi Strong tornado with a maximum width of about a mile. Hundreds of trees were uprooted or snapped making the path and a few double wide homes were destroyed.
EF2 N of Green Isle Sibley, Carver 2229 6.39 mi Several homes and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed in the area. A car was rolled three times and a 2x4 was thrown through the side of a mobile home.
EF1 New Prague area Le Sueur, Scott 2234 17.7 mi Several homes and businesses sustained roof damage in the New Prague area.
EF3 WNW of Carver to Chaska to Richfield Carver, Hennepin 2300 22.25 mi 2 deaths - Initially rated EF4 but was later downgraded. Many homes in Chaska were completely destroyed and a few were nearly completely flattened. Hundreds of trees were uprooted, snapped, or partially debarked along the path. Two people were killed in a subdivision southwest of Eden Prairie. A tornado emergency was issued as it continued to rip through heavily populated suburbs of southern Minneapolis. Widespread EF2 to EF3 damage was noted in a 50 to 100 yard wide swath for much of the path. Eventually it began to weaken and dissipated near the city of Richfield. It was one of the costliest tornadoes of the outbreak.
EF4 S of St. Michael Wright, Hennepin 2321 11 mi Several homes were destroyed by this tornado. Three people were injured in a subdivision northeast of Hanover when their home was partially swept away. Numerous trees were debarked.
EF2 SSE of Hanover Wright, Hennepin 2325 3.12 mi Strong satellite tornado to the previous event. Though relatively short-lived, this tornado destroyed a frame home and snapped several trees before swinging sharply north and dissipating. Initially rated EF4 but downgraded; the EF4 damage was actually from the parent tornado.
EF1 Eden Prarie area Hennepin 2326 1.02 mi Satellite to the Chaska EF3.
EF2 ENE of East Lake Aitkin 2340 8.25 mi Hundreds of trees were denuded, uprooted, or snapped.
EF0 Mendota Heights Dakota 2346 0.89 mi Several homes and businesses sustained minor roof damage.
EF0 SE of Flom Norman 0012 2.24 mi Brief tornado confirmed by sheriff. No damage was found.
EF2 Amboy/Mapleton Blue Earth 0025 12.41 mi A few homes were damaged. One house had its entire second floor removed as well as two exterior walls. A 2x4 was thrown through the windshield of a car nearby. Trees were snapped and two trucks were flipped and rolled short distances.
EF4 Rochester to NE of Elba Olmsted, Wabasha, Winona 0051 30.32 mi 3 deaths - violent tornado spawned by the Spencer-Swea City-Albert Lea supercell. The tornado began in northwest Rochester and proceeded east-northeast into heavily populated areas of the city. Several homes and businesses sustained EF2 damage as it moved through the Elton Park and Viking Hills subdivisions, where one person was killed. The tornado rapidly intesified to EF4 strength in the Glendale subdivision, where trees were snapped and debarked and a few homes were completely flattened or partially swept away. In one case only some debris and an open basement was left. Large homes in the Emerald Hills area were destroyed at EF3 strength as the tornado reached its maximum width of one mile wide. Debris was scattered in fields to the northeast. Another large home off of Hidden Hills Lane was completely flattened at EF4 intensity. No significant structures were damaged as it continued northeast and passed between Elgin and Viola. Several trees were downed as the tornado began to weaken and dissipated northeast of Elba.
EF3 NW of Preston Fillmore 0129 9.22 mi A large home lost much of its second story, and the home's detached garage was completely swept away, however it was very poorly built. Several trees were denuded, snapped, or partially debarked.
EF1 N of Royal Clay 2018 2.1 mi An outbuilding sustained moderate damage. This was the first of several tornadoes spawned by a long-tracked supercell that moved through north Iowa and southern Minnesota.
EF4 Spencer Clay 2029 11.68 mi 2 deaths - violent, devastating tornado with estimated wind speeds of 180 mph that moved through Spencer. It began shortly after the previous tornado ended in fields southwest of Spencer. Chasers noted that it became visibly violent as it approached the city. The now violent stovepipe was doing moderate ground scouring and a tornado emergency was issued for Spencer. It entered the southwest side of the city, debarking trees and leveling a well built home, where an EF4 rating was applied. Continuing northeast, EF3 damage was noted to several homes just south of the town center. Trees were snapped and debarked. An SUV was thrown 350 yards and landed in a nearby parking lot. A few buildings at an industrial complex sustained EF4 damage, being mostly destroyed with only a pile of debris left behind. It reentered rural areas and swept away a farm before dissipating in northeast Clay County. It cost an estimated $85 million in damages.
EF2 NE of Spencer to WNW of Graettinger Clay, Palo Alto, Emmet 2056 8.71 mi Began shortly after the Spencer EF4 ended. Cone tornado remained in mainly rural areas but snapped a few trees, damaged some farm homes, and destroyed several outbuildings.
EF0 NE of Graettinger Emmet 2119 3.25 mi Weak tornado remained in open fields and did no damage.
EF2 W of Ringsted to SW of Swea City Emmet, Kossuth 2122 11.43 mi A farming complex and several outbuildings were destroyed. Preceded an EF4 that did significant damage in the Swea City area.
EF4 Swea City area Kossuth 2153 4 mi Short lived yet violent tornado that formed as the previous tornado dissipated. 80% of town was damaged, 50% being destroyed. The most severe damage was rated EF4 with estimated winds of 170 mph, as three homes were flattened. A small vehicle was picked up and thrown over the rooves of three homes before smashing into another. 42 people were injured.
EF2 SE of Swea City Kossuth 2156 7.08 mi Satellite tornado to the Swea City EF4 that eventually cut it off. An outbuilding was flattened and a barn sustained significant damage.
EF1 SW of Ledylard to SW of Rake Kossuth, Winnebago 2207 14.78 mi Stovepipe tornado didn't impact many significant structures along its path, but a barn and a shed were destroyed.
EF4 Rake to Albert Lea (MN) to S of Byron (MN) Winnebago, Faribault (MN), Freeborn (MN), Mower (MN), Dodge (MN), Olmsted (MN) 2235 73.67 mi 11 deaths - Very high-end EF4 wedge tornado, considered one of the most violent of the outbreak. Originated in extreme north Iowa near the Minnesota border as the previous tornado ended, and moved into Minnesota. EF1 to EF2 damage was produced in southeastern Fairbault County, where several outbuildings were damaged. It passed near Conger, where a similar EF4 passed through on June 17, 2010. Rapid intensification occurred west of Albert Lea, where a poorly built home was leveled, killing the occupant. It entered the west side of Albert Lea, where a relatively newly constructed subdivision of large, well-built homes sustained EF4 damage. Homes there were leveled or partially swept away. It continued northeast through heavily populated subdivisions of northern Albert Lea where homes continued to sustain EF2 to EF4 damage. It reached peak intensity shortly before crossing I-35, as a large home with anchor bolts was completely swept away leaving only an open basement. Cycloidal ground swirls were noted in open fields of eastern Freeborn County, with wind-rowing of debris also noted. Few structures were damaged for quite some time after that, as it remained in fairly rural areas. Trees were debarked east of Route 218. Hayfield was hit at high-end EF3 strength, with several homes left with few interior walls standing or being flattened. It lifted south of Byron in western Olmsted County.
EF3 W of Rands (1st tornado) Calhoun 0056 9.12 mi Extremely large wedge tornado with a maximum width of 1.5 miles. A poorly-constructed farmstead was completely swept away.
EF0 W of Rands (2nd tornado) Calhoun 0101 2.76 mi Satellite tornado to the previous event.
EF0 W of Rands Washburn 2254 4.23 mi Several trees lost their limbs or were toppled.
EF2 Cameron Barron 0039 1.98 mi A few homes were damaged in the area. A car was overturned and several trees were uprooted or snapped.
EF0 NW of Medford (1st tornado) Taylor 0235 2.31 mi A few trees were uprooted.
EF2 NW of Medford (2nd tornado) Taylor 0243 7.1 mi Significant tree damage occured and a single wide home was mostly destroyed. Because of significant straight-line wind damage in the area, certain parts of the track were difficult to delineate.
EF0 NW of Medford (3rd tornado) Taylor 0244 0.49 mi Trees lost large limbs.
EF2 W of Stratford Marathon 0255 4.97 mi Trees were snapped and a dairy facility lost its roof and two outer walls.
EF2 Hewitt area Wood 0255 10.11 mi Occurred simultaneously with the previous tornado a few miles south. EF2 damage was noted to several buildings and a church on Main Street. Two people were injured.
EF4 NNW of Lyndon Station Juneau 0322 8.94 mi Low-end EF4 tornado did very significant tree damage; complete debarking was noted to several trees in the area. Additionally, a frame home was mostly flattened east of I-90. A car was thrown several hundred feet from the house, as well.
EF3 Nelsonville Portage 0350 12.02 mi Several homes and a warehouse were destroyed in southern Nelsonville. Early warnings prevented any deaths, but several people were injured.
EF3 Amherst Junction area Portage 0401 2.58 mi As the previous tornado was moving through Nelsonville, another intense tornado was spawned by an embedded supercell in the squall line further south. Although brief, this tornado flattened several homes just north of Amherst Junction, although they lacked anchor bolts. Four people were injured in that neighborhood. A car was also tossed about 100 yards and smashed into a yard nearby.
EF1 ESE of Tomahawk Lincoln 0417 3.75 mi Severe trees damage occurred in the area.
EF2 S of New London Outagamie, Waupaca 0428 6.97 mi Severe tree damage occurred in the area. One person was injured when a tree fell on to their house.
EF2 W of Winneconne Winnebego 0432 5.11 mi Tornado paralleled the southern shore of Lake Poygan, damaging seven well-built homes, all of which had their rooves or second stories removed. Numerous trees were uprooted or snapped in the area, as well. Nine people were injured.

June 10 Event

List of confirmed tornadoes - June 10, 2018
Time of Origin (UTC)
Path length
EF1 Menomonee Falls Waukesha 0534 1.38 mi Several homes and trees sustained minor damage from this brief tornado.
EF0 W of Fennimore Grant 1546 0.89 mi Brief tornado took large limbs off several trees.
EF1 E of Shullsburg Lafayette 1952 10 mi Numerous trees were uprooted along the path. Power poles were downed, as well.
EF2 W of Ridgeway Iowa 2004 4.87 mi A mobile home was tossed a short distance and rolled three times. Trees were snapped and two homes were destroyed.
EF0 Ixonia area Grant 2011 0.09 mi Very brief tornado did minimal damage to trees and a home, which has some siding removed.
EF3 N of Ridgeway Iowa 2025 9.88 mi Low-end EF3 tornado did heavy damage to hundred ships of trees and rolled a trailer several times. Two mobile homes weee disintegrated. This tornado closely paralleled the path of and F5 that impacted Barneveld in 1984.
EF2 Stoughton Dane 2114 16.65 mi Several homes and businesses in southeastern Dane county were destroyed by this EF2 tornado. In Stoughton, numerous homes were severely damaged or destroyed, losing rooves and exterior walls. Several trees were snapped along the path, as well.
EF3 Palmyra area Walworth, Jefferson 2157 10.17 mi Several trees were denuded and slightly debarked by this tornado. Just west of Palmyra, an industrial complex was severely damaged, losing its roof and a few outer walls. Three nearby houses were left with only a few interior walls, and cars were tossed up to 80 yards. Damage in the area was rated EF3. The tornado turned north and weakened shortly after hitting town.
EF1 W of Fox Lake Dodge 2220 3.6 mi Weak tornado damaged five homes and a deli, and damage was mostly to rooves of the impacted buildings.
EF1 N of East Troy Walworth 2258 2.79 mi Many trees were downed and the roof of one home was heavily damaged.
EF1 NW of St. Nanianz Manitowoc 0025 2.39 mi Brief tornado downed trees, power lines, and lightly damaged two homes.
EF4 NE of Thomson to Carpentersville Carroll, Ogle, DeKalb, Kane 2011 91.18 mi 1 death - This large and violent wedge tornado had the longest path length of any tornado in this outbreak. Spawned by the first of two long-tracked cyclical supercells in north Illinois, it began northeast of Thomson inflicting EF0 and EF1 damage to trees and homes. It rapidly intensified to EF3 strength as it moved past Ideal, were a barn was blown off its foundation and trees were debarked. It continued east-northeast maintaining EF2 strength passing through rural areas of Ogle County. The first instance of EF4 damage occurred northwest of Milledgeville, where a farm home was completely disintegrated and blown off its foundation. A tractor from the location was hurled 170 yards. Nearby, grain bins were toppled and crushed. Ground scouring was noted as well as slight wind-rowing of debris. Similar damage was noted to a home on Eagle Creek, where a home was completely flattened and trees were debarked. Two outbuildings on the property were swept away, as well. On S Summer Hill Road, an old, unanchored house was picked up off its foundation, carried 80 yards, and smashed into the ground, killing a man inside. Southwest of Mt. Morris, it re-intensified to EF4 again, completely debarking trees and sweeping away a large house. Southeast of town, it became a high-end EF4, leveling or sweeping away several homes, tossing a car over 200 yards, and debarking and snapping trees. It reached peak strength as it passed through the northern tip of Oregon, where it completely swept away several large, well-anchored homes at borderline-EF5 intensity. Granulated debris was pushed east into debarked trees. On the shore of the Rock River, several houses were flattened, and one was pushed off its foundation into the river. It weakened to EF2 strength and re-entered rural areas. It narrowly missed the town of Holcomb to the south, although one house lost its second story, where an EF3 rating was applied. To the east, ground scouring was noted, and as the tornado crossed I-39 it scoured pavement from the highway. South of Fairdale, where a similar EF4 passed through in April 2015, a house sutained low-end EF3 damage. Low-end EF4 damage occurred in a subdivision west of Kirkland, where several houses were flattened and left as piles of rubble. EF2 to EF3 damage was noted to many homes and businesses on the northern tip of town. It intesified to high-end EF4 intensity again northwest of Kingston, where again numerous homes were flattened or partially swept away. North of Genoa, two homes were destroyed at EF2 strength. No significant structures were damaged for some time after that. An industrial facility lost its roof and an outer wall at EF3 strength as the tornado neared Huntley. A tornado emergency was issued as it moved into heavily populated residential areas of Huntley, where widespread EF4 damage occurred, as several homes were leveled. Cars were thrown long distances and trees were debarked. The tornado gradually began to weaken as it moved east, crossing I-90 and eventually dissipating near Carpentersville. It was on the ground for roughly 3 hours and is considered one of the strongest tornadoes of this outbreak, along with the Albert Lea EF4 on June 9th. There was a dispute over the rating of this tornado, as one survey team found EF5 damage. Due to contextual discrepancies and doubt over certain buildings' structural strength, the EF4 rating was maintained.
EF1 N of Tampico Whiteside 2046 13.5 mi Telephone poles were downed and outbuildings were heavily damaged. The supercell that spawned the tornado went on to produce several more significant tornadoes across northern Illinois.
EF3 The Burg to NW of Kaneville Lee, DeKalb, Kane 2148 25.3 mi 1 death - this high-end EF3 tornado did significant damage along the path. A house just west of I-39 was completely flattened, with pieces of the roof found hundreds of yards to the east. One person was killed at the location. The tornado continued east-northeast through mostly rural areas destroying a few homes and buildings before lifting.
EF1 N of Ipava Fulton 2158 4.51 mi Two farm homes were lightly damaged by this tornado.
EF0 SW of Lena Stephenson 2210 1.91 mi A few trees were downed.
EF2 Wenmoth Acres to WNW of Winfield Kane, DuPage 2253 8.79 mi Numerous homes were severely damaged or destroyed by this rain wrapped tornado. A building in an industrial complex sustained damage to its roof.
EF0 NE of Wheaton DuPage 2309 1.99 mi Several homes suffered light damage from this brief and weak tornado.
EF2 NNE of Glen Ellyn to Franklin Park to SE of Norridge DuPage, Cook 2316 15.11 mi 4 deaths - Initial damage from this high-end EF2 tornado was light. Upon crossing I-355, the tornado grew to nearly a half mile wide and inflicted near-EF3 damage to several homes. It moved through heavily populated subdivisions of Western Chicago, passing south of O’Hare International Airport, doing the heaviest damage in Franklin Park, where numerous homes were destroyed. It rapidly weakened and dissipated shortly thereafter.
EF4 Seneca LaSalle, Grundy 2347 5.62 mi 2 deaths - Upon touching down just south of the Illinois River, this tornado rapidly intensified. It exhibited multi-vortex structure as it approached Seneca, and trees to the west of town were slightly debarked. The fire department was leveled, and several businesses on the north side of Seneca were demolished. Several homes in the Valley View subdivision were left with only interior walls or were completely flattened. Debris was thrown into nearby fields. After continuing northeast, the tornado became heavily rain-wrapped and dissipated.
EF0 Morris area Grundy 2351 0.84 mi Street signs were bent and six homes lost shingles.
EF1 WNW of Wapella DeWitt 0013 4.84 mi Highly visible stovepipe tornado. Remained in mostly open areas, but one outbuilding was destroyed.
EF3 NE Wapella to W of Bellflower DeWitt, McLean 0026 11.44 mi Following the previous event, the same supercell spawned this intense wedge tornado. Along the path, three poorly built farm homes were completely leveled, one of which was pushed off its foundation.
EF1 NW of Colfax McLean 0035 2.5 mi Large yet weak tornado ripped the rooves off a few homes in the area. Two people were injured.
EF1 Campus to Buckingham Livingston, Kankakee 0049 7 mi Few structures were impacted by this tornado, but one home did sustain heavy roof damage.
EF0 SE of Peotone to W of Beecher Will 0123 4.57 mi Two homes sustained very light damage. Otherwise this tornado remained in rural areas.
EF1 W of Manton Wexton 0105 3.12 mi Three homes sustained major roof damage. One person was injured.
EF1 Niles area Berrien, Cass 0155 5.1 mi This tornado moved through heavily populated subdivisions of southeast Niles. Many homes sustained heavy damage, and nine people were injured.
EF1 WNW of Star City Pulaski 0257 6.01 mi Damage was limited, but a farm home was impacted and nearby grain bins were heavily damaged.
EF1 Chalmers White 0307 2.95 mi Weak tornado moved through Chalmers, tearing roofs off over a dozen homes. Seven people were injured.
EF1 WNW of Lebanon Boone 0319 7.22 mi Trees were uprooted along the path. A towing plant sustained minor damage a tornado the end of the path.

June 11 Event

List of confirmed tornadoes - June 11, 2020
Time of Origin (UTC)
Path length
EF0 SE of Lagrange Lagrange 0645 0.97 mi Three Homes sustained very light damage.
EF0 Waynetown Montgomery 1528 3.05 mi Shingles were torn off homes and street signs were bent.
EF2 E of Lebanon Boone 2031 4.3 mi Following a tornado in Boone County the previous night, this one struck just miles away on June 11. Several homes sustained severe damage. Outbuildings were demolished.
EF1 Peru area Miami 2044 2.8 mi Mobile homes were rolled on Riggle Road. Tree shop were downed and many homes were damaged.
EF0 SSW of Lagro Wabash 2112 1.59 mi Weak Tornado did very limited damage to outbuildings.
EF4 WSW of Monroeville (IN) to SW of Haviland (OH) Allen (IN), Van Wert (OH), Paulding (OH) 2148 16.77 mi 5 deaths - violent high-end EF4 tornado. Tornado began near Monroeville, where it quickly intensified and moved into a subdivision on the southwest side of town. Here, all five deaths occurred as extreme damage was noted. Three homes were cleanly swept away, and about a dozen others were reduced to rubble. At least one home had possible EF5 damage, but nearby shrubs were untouched; contextual discrepancies prevented a higher rating. Numerous buildings sustained EF2 to EF4 damage as the tornado continued east-northeast. The St. Rose Catholic Church wasn’t completely destroyed. As the tornado exited Monroeville moved into Ohio, a grove of trees was debarked. Wind rowing of debris was noted in southwest Putnam County. The tornado dissipated as it approached Haviland.
EF0 E of New Castle Henry 2226 2.29 mi Trees were downed and a few buildings sustained light damage.
EF1 Lake Fenton Genesee, Oakland 0827 4.71 mi QLCS Tornado damaged numerous homes and downed several trees.
EF3 NW of Bronson Branch 2128 4.79 mi Intense tornado did severe damage in the area. Trees were snapped, a grain bin was toppled, and two homes were demolished. Three people were injured.
EF0 Battle Creek Calhoun 2137 5.69 mi Several homes in southwestern portions of Battle Creek sustained light damage to roofing and siding.
EF2 NE of Coldwater Branch 2150 6.7 mi Severe tree damage occurred in the area, and three houses on Jonesville Road were completely destroyed. Two people were injured.
EF1 N of Parma Jackson 2219 7.01 mi Numerous trees were downed and a few houses were damaged.
EF4 NE of Van Wert to Ottoville Van Wert, Putnam 2201 10.65 mi 1 death - large wedge tornado with estimated winds of 170 mph. While mostly moving though rural areas, the tornado did completely flatten a farming complex near Dog Creek, killing the inhabitant. A few other homes sustained EF2 to EF3 damage along the path before the tornado dissipated near Ottoville.
EF1 Wapakoneta Auglaize 2212 3.58 mi This tornado moved through densely populated subdivisions of northwestern Wapakoneta, causing extensive roof damage to numerous homes. The roof of the First Church completely collapsed, as well. 8 people sustained minor injuries.
EF3 New Albany Franklin 0050 EDIT mi n/a
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