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Hello! My name is Bengalsfan, or Bengal. I have a huge passion for weather. I am also the owner of this wiki. I have always loved tornadoes and hurricanes. But mostly tornadoes. I live in Dublin, Ohio and I love the Cincinnati Bengals (obviously), Cleveland Guardians, the Cavs, and the Blue Jackets. If you leave a message on my wall I will get back to it within a day.

I got into weather because of the June 29th, 2012 Derecho. That day, I remember going to the eye doctor, getting doughnuts, going bowling. Going home and seeing my dads brand new computer. What I remember is going to weather underground, then checking the radar. I can still remember that radar image to this day. I then went outside to play soccer, it got really dark outside. Then I went back to my house, and then it began to pour and get really windy. Then the power went out. After it, I went out with my dad, to go to CVS, to get a flashlight. Drove around, then saw a huge tree on a powerline.

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My friends

Layten-Funny, and very nice human. Was the first friend I made on the Wiki

Dixie- A good, nice person

NSM-A good friend who can always be there for me.

TG-A nice person who is just a good person.