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Hello hypothetical tornado enthusiasts! I am DixieAlley. I am from the Dixie Alley region and currently live in Alabama. I recently graduated college with a B.S. in Geography, concentrations in Meteorological Studies and Geographic Information Systems. I am currently working towards my Graduate Certificate in GeoSciences, as well as my Masters in Geography.

I was blessed to be able to participate in a storm chasing retreat during the summer of 2018. As you may know, the 2018 season was one for the record books, with very little activity throughout the year. So tornadoes were scarce, and to no surprise, we did not see a tornado during the 16 day odyssey. However, the experience itself was amazing, even if the weather pattern was not cooperative. I highly suggest you seize the opportunity if given a chance to explore The Great Plains. I was also able to take part in a tornado relief effort in Kokomo, IN, which was hit hard by an EF3 tornado in August of 2016. The experience was eye opening. You may be one small part of the recovery process, but the victims will always express their deepest gratitude towards you.


If you are curious about my avatar, that is a scan of a violent EF4 tornado that passed by my hometown on April 27, 2011 during the 2011 Super Outbreak. Our state was devastated by the event. But at the same time, the chaos of the outbreak ignited my interest in weather, which is how I am here today.

If you have any questions regarding our wiki community, feel free to message me or anyone in our administration on our wall.

And as always. Feel free to talk to me if you just want to chat. :)

Best regards,


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Works In Progress


  • Tornado Records (Dixie)
  • List of F5 and EF5 Tornadoes (Dixie)
  • List of F4 and EF4 Tornadoes (Dixie)
  • May 20, 2019 Super Outbreak (Dixie)
    • List of tornadoes in the May 20, 2019 Super Outbreak (Dixie)
    • 2019 Ada, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Ardmore, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Bethany-Edmond, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Big Spring, Texas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Chickasha, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Enid, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Guymon, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Mustang-Bethany, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Sayre-Elk City, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Snyder, Texas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Weatherford, Oklahoma Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2019 Wichita-Andover, Kansas Tornado (Dixie)
  • Tornado Outbreak of January 26-28, 2020 (Dixie)
    • List of tornadoes in the Tornado Outbreak of January 26-28 (Dixie)
    • 2020 Albertville/Crossville, Alabama Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Augusta, Georgia Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Birmingham, Alabama Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Bridgeport, Alabama/Chattanooga, Tennessee Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Chapel Hill/Murfreesboro, Tennessee Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Charleston, South Carolina Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Columbus/Milledgeville, Georgia Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Cumberland Mountains Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Eufaula, Alabama/Americus, Georgia Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Hattiesburg, Mississippi Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Hot Springs, Arkansas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Houston/Amory, Mississippi Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Huntsville, Alabama Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Katy-Cypress-Egypt, Texas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Kingsport, Tennessee Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Lake Providence, Louisiana/Aberdeen, Mississippi Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Lawrenceburg/Campbellsville, Tennessee Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Loudon-Lenoir City-Farragut, Tennessee Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Madison, Alabama Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Meridian, Mississippi-Demopolis-Marion, Alabama Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Monroe, Louisiana Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Montgomery-Franklin-Auburn, Alabama Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Seneca-Clemson-Powdersville, South Carolina Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Terrell, Texas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Tyler-White Oak-Judson, Texas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Venus/Cedar Hill, Texas Tornado (Dixie)
    • 2020 Woodstock, Georgia Tornado (Dixie)
  • 2020 Bermuda Tornado (Dixie)

Open Works and Collaborations


  • Tornado Reanalysis
  • Tornadoes of 2021 (Wiki Collab)
    • Tornado Outbreak of June 17, 2021

Coming Soon


  • Tornadoes of 2019 (Dixie)
  • Tornadoes of 2020 (Dixie)
    • 2020 Central Texas Tornado Outbreak (Dixie)
    • Late June 2020 Tornado Outbreak (Dixie)
      • 2020 Pekin, Illinois Tornado (Dixie)
      • 2020 McPherson, Kansas Tornado (Dixie)
      • 2020 Hutchinson/Hesston, Kansas Tornado (Dixie)
      • 2020 Sioux City, Iowa Tornado (Dixie)
      • 2020 Cherokee, Iowa Tornado (Dixie)
  • Tornadoes of 2021 (Dixie)
  • Tornadoes of 2022 (Dixie)

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Tornadoes I Have Tracked (EF4 & EF5)


Most Recent Enhanced, Moderate, and High Risk Experiences

Risk Date Outbreak Outlook
High April 27, 2011 2011 Super Outbreak
Moderate April 19, 2020 Tornado Outbreak of April 19-20, 2020
Enhanced April 23, 2020 Tornado Outbreak of April 22-23, 2020

Personal Tornado Analysis

Beauregard, AL EF4. March 3, 2019

1974 and 2011 Super Outbreaks

This map presents the counties that were directly affected by the 1974 and 2011 Super Outbreaks. Red represents counties affected by tornadoes from the 1974 Super Outbreak. Blue represents counties affected by tornadoes from the 2011 Super Outbreak. And purple represents counties affected by tornadoes from both outbreaks.

Hypothetical Tornado Games

Tornado Idol

  • Tornado Idol: Tornadoes that have formed in the past, and here on the wiki (providing they comply with the wiki policies) are put into a competition based on what the judges and the other users of Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki decide. Once the competition is complete, the last tornado that stands out will be crowned the most popular tornado of the season. You cannot vote for your own tornado, unless otherwise implied.
  • To follow our current season, click HERE.
  • To cast your votes for next season, click HERE. Entries for our current season are currently CLOSED.