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Disclaimer: The content on this wiki is fictional and is NOT a resource for real tornadoes. NONE of the content on this wiki should be believed to be a real forecast of inclement weather.


Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki
Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki

Subpage for outlooks.


1992 F5 tornado.png Hitman Agent 48 was a bureaucrat of Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki. This means he/she was like an EF5 tornado
Tornado idol winner.png Hitman Agent 48 is the winner of a Tornado Idol season.
EF5 Hitman Agent 48 has expert knowledge about tornadoes.
FL Hitman lives in Florida where weak tornadoes occasionally occur.

Hello all! My name is Hitman, but I also go by Casey! I have been on this wiki since 2017 and a former wiki leader. Please feel free to look at all of the events I have created!


Label Description Yes/No Average % of Category
EF5 I am extremely active, and I am on the wiki every day of every week. No 1%
EF4 I am on every other day of the week, and I am very active. No 4%
EF3 I am on for at least three days a week or less. Yes 30%
EF2 I am on for at least 2 hours a week. No 60%
EF1 I am semi-retired from the wiki, or I am on vacation. No 5%
EF0 I am quickly losing interest on this wiki, and I might retire. No 0%
Funnel Cloud I have no more interest on this wiki whatsoever. No 0%