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DixieAlley DixieAlley 22 May 2020


Hello Hypothetical Tornado enthusiasts,

I want to take this time to advertise our Discord server. It seems that we have a lot of new, wonderful, and active users. While we enjoy editing and creating our hypothetical masterpieces, most of our conversations take place on Discord. The atmosphere is inviting to all users young and old, as well as those uneducated and experienced in the field of weather itself. We want to extend our server invite to those involved solely on the wiki/fandom page so that we can present the opportunity of you getting to know your fellow users better so that you all feel more involved and welcomed to our community. The link to join Discord is on the homepage. The app is free and works on mobile and desktop devices. …

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DixieAlley DixieAlley 9 December 2019

Tornado Reanalysis

Hello HTW users. 

I am pleased to announce that we have created a "Tornado Reanalysis " page. This page is open for input by all users. If you believe that a tornado is overrated or underrated, feel free to add to this page. If you do not have permission to edit this page, be sure to let an admin know, and we will add your thoughts for you (this is for security purposes). Be sure to read the page's introduction to be sure you follow the page's guidelines.

Happy reananlyzing!


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DixieAlley DixieAlley 27 September 2019

Short Pages

Hello users,

It has come to my attention that there are some stub pages on our wiki. Our policy states that:

"All pages must be of a decent length, with around at least 500 words of written text (this means that templates, images, and headers are not included). Pages that do not comply (stubs) will be marked for deletion after two weeks and the owner notified. If the page is not expanded within two weeks, it will be deleted without further notification. Due to our policy on page management, it is advised that if you are going on vacation anytime soon to notify the admins (though we will find out if you were lying)."

I will be cleaning up some pages over the next few days, so please comply with the policy if you are the owner of a short page.


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DixieAlley DixieAlley 3 March 2019


Hey guys! I am DixieAlley, and I am a new user here on this Wiki. I have been exploring and contributing to Hypothetical Tornadoes for about a week now, trying to figure out how this community operates and contributes. I am currently working on Tornado Outbreak of January 26-28, 2020 along with other pages related to the event. While this site is hypothetical, I am trying to make the event as realistic as possible, with some interesting extremes involved. Realistically, the articles will take time. I have no estimate regarding when they will be finished, but I'll update them as frequently as possible. 

Hope that everyone is enjoying life and whatnot.


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