Hey guys! For those of you who do not know me, I am MrTwister0331. I am relatively new to this wiki, but I have quickly caught on and now I have multiple projects I plan to work on. For those of you who are interested, here is what they are:

- 2035 Wheeler, Texas EF1 tornado - 2022 Pebble Beach, California EF0 tornado - 2033 Henly, Texas EF5 tornado - 2019 Lakeway, Texas EF4 tornado - 2022 Ridgely, Maryland EF2 tornado - 2030 Washington Mills, New York EF3 tornado - 2022 Lynchburg, Missouri EF3 tornado - 2021 Meta, Missouri EF4 tornado - 2024 Rodney Village, Delaware EF3 tornado - 2019 Pulaski, Iowa EF4 tornado

Please be patient as it will take a while to complete all of these. Please do not steal any of these ideas and write about them yourself. These are my original ideas.

Have a nice day!


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