H.H Gregg Muncie IN

My local hhgregg (the electronic chain that is going out of business)

Some of you (but probably not anyone outside of the Eastern US) might have heard of hhgregg (Yes, the one that is failing) It's slogan is "Gregg's got it!" It was founded in Princeton, Indiana and is headquarted in Indianapolis, Indiana...on March 2 they announced that they were filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy and they were closing 88 of there 226 stores, this was upgraded a month later to ALL 226 stores, I think one of the reasons is too common sales (There was sale for opening in south FL) local hhgregg opened in 1987...and is location #0009 (It was founded in the 60's) hhgregg will start their closing sales today. (RIP hhgregg)


Hhgregg Christmas in July ad 2010

Hhgregg Christmas in July ad 2010

One of the many ads with H.H.

HH Gregg Commercial (1995)

HH Gregg Commercial (1995)

One of the first ever hhgregg commercials (notice the old logo)


Some of you might remember this, H.H the crappy mascot (lol)

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