Alissa The Wise Wolf has asked me to do research on the science of severe weather, which is mainly what my novel is about. However I need to do more digging into tornadogenesis, and I'm not very good with science . . . or math.

The novel takes place in Minneapolis in 2036. I have a wiki page called "2036 Upper Midwest Tornado Sequence" that I been working on for about a week now. A few of the tornadoes in the page are also part of my book. I have been working on the book for the last three years with no help, and I have been trying to produce a novel about tornadoes for as long as I can remember.

Since it seems like I have all the beginning events of the book in place, I joined Hypothetical Tornadoes because I saw an opportunity to expand on the tornadoes in my novel. But I realise now that I want my tornadoes to be powerful beyond what anyone has ever seen, but they also have to be realistic.

I guess I need some help with that. And I don't live in a region that gets tornadoes. Is there any advice or feedback that somebody has for me?

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